Zyppah Review – Jaw Advancer Plus Tongue Stabilizer? Nice.

zyppah-mouthpieceLike you, I am always on the lookout for something else to try to help alleviate, or let’s face it, COMPLETELY STOP my snoring. So I am a frequent browser of sites that are offering stop snoring devices. But having literally seen it all in the snoring mouthpiece world, I generally immediately ignore any devices that are 100% guaranteed to work unless they include an offer that guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. Many mouthpieces, fortunately, do make this kind of offer. The Zyppah RX is one. The Zyppah is notable for these reasons:

  • It comes with a 30 day money back offer that will refund your money if the mouthpiece is unsuccessful in stopping your snoring
  • It has a flexible tongue stabilizer (the tongue is the key cause of snoring for most people; it is with me), a feature which is unique to this mouthpiece.
  • A somewhat “hybrid” design: it is both a jaw advancer with a tongue retaining feature.

Who Can’t Use The Zyppah?

Although you probably don’t want to bother looking in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of Zyppah’s website (that’s my job, of course;) ), that is where you will find a number of conditions that the ZYPPAH is not a suitable device for. The first and foremost of these conditions highlighted is central sleep apnea, which really should be diagnosed by a physician and not be self-treated. This is an obvious point, but is worth exploring. If you have a major chronic form of sleep apnea, you do need to understand that often a simple mouthpiece or other anti snoring device is not going to be enough. You may need medical help, and you may need it now.

Understand, though, that most people have minor obstructive apnea, and not the aforementioned (and much more serious) central sleep apnea.

Some Other Important Exceptions

Some of the other points in the fine print include that you should probably not use the device with very seriously complicated dental work, and definitely not if you have some kind of serious lung condition.

Basically, if you have some grave illness, Zyppah is not for you. Makes sense to me! Meanwhile, if you have dentures, I would always recommend the Good Morning Snore Solution first (read our review here), as it is not a “bite down” solution, and won’t mess with dental work of any kind. Basically, it’s as safe as they come if you’re a denture-wearer.

The Zyppah has an interesting "hybrid" design.

The Zyppah has an interesting “hybrid” design. Click here for the website.

The Order!

I decided to order the standard green version, which is just under $90 with delivery included or if you want to take advantage of their satisfaction guarantee, you can pay $9.95 and the remaining balance in 30 days if you are happy with the results. As a seasoned veteran, I will choose the latter ten times out of ten.

Hey, wouldn’t you would rather owe the supplier money if it works than have to get money back from them if it doesn’t? I know I would. And seeing that the Zyppah device, which is a “mandibular advancement device”, is not incredibly different than all of the others in this category, it is a nice option.

Just to note, there is also a ZYPPAH Pink version that donates $5 to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer charity, with a minimum guarantee of $40,000 (valid from now up until the end of May, 2016). It’s an interesting, and gracious idea from the company. I bought my wife one.

Once I placed my order at the official Zyppah website (here), within a few days I received the package, a much quicker delivery than I initially expected.

The Contents

Included in the package is the ZYPPAH mouthpiece itself, a travel and/or storage case and a good sleep guide with helpful hints and advice. The travel and/or storage case is such a simple and inexpensive add, but is a very useful item to have. After all, you do not want something that is going to be in your mouth all night left out on the nightstand. A clean, safe environment is good for every mouthpiece, and receiving a storage case free is actually a reasonable perk.

The Comfort

The first time that I put the ZYPPAH in my mouth it did feel a little strange. These mouthpieces usually do, even if you have a lot of experience wearing them. However, I did expect, as is only natural, that it would take a little time to get used to.

The flexible tongue stabilizer actually adds to the comfort level, which surprised me. I had expected that it would make the mouthpiece harder to wear, and it did not. Instead, it felt more secure than a lot of other mouthpieces I’ve tried before.

I eventually fell asleep with it, but that first morning I awoke with  ZYPPAH beside me in the bed. I must have taken it out some time in the night. The next night I put it my mouth as I was reading before I tried to sleep, which gave me a little more time to get used to it being in my mouth. This time I awoke with it still in place.

A Surprisingly Fast “Work-In” Time

The fact is, after a couple of days I got used to sleeping with the ZYPPAH in place and it was no longer something I even thought about. Like many of the higher end jaw-advancing mouthpieces, the molding was very comfortable, and wearing it became second nature very quickly. I asked my wife if it was stopping my snoring and she said that she definitely noticed a major difference.

After a week or so of using the device, even though I didn’t wake up with the energy of a 5 year old and be able to go from sleep to zooming around the house in seconds, I did feel like I was waking up in the night a lot less than when sleeping with no mouthpiece. As a real added plus I no longer woke up with ‘wife’s elbow sized’ bruises on my ribs. (Kidding. Er, Possibly!)

Visit the official website here.

The Zyppah Is Effective

So in summary, did the ZYPPAH RX work? Well I can only say that it did for me, so I happily suggest that it is well worth trying if you (and your sleeping partner) suffer from snoring. This is a cheaper mouthpiece than many I have reviewed, and certainly the $9.95 trial period makes it a winner for people who are new to the snoring mouthpiece world.

I would add that you will want to give the Zyppah RX a little time and, even though it may feel a little strange in your mouth at first, stick with it for a while. After all, you may well end up having a lot better nights’ sleep and, if it doesn’t work, all you have lost is less than $10 for the packing and shipping charges.

After the 30 days were up I happily paid the balance for the device.

Understand This

It should be accepted that some people may not have success with the ZYPPAH RX. I have tried other devices that work well for many other people but have not been a success for me. This does not necessarily mean that you will have complaints about using Zyppah. There are a variety of reasons that mandibular adjustment devices do not work for everybody. The shape of your mouth, your jaw alignment, or your teeth will always have an effect on the effectiveness of an individual device. If the ZYPPAH RX does not work for you, another type of mouthpiece may.

Where Do I Get The Zyppah?

The Zyppah is not available on Amazon or places like CVS or Walgreens. It is only available directly from the company.

Click here to see their website.

Have you had success with the Zyppah RX? Problems? Leave a comment below!!!

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