ZQuiet Review – Is It Effective?

ZQuiet is a snoring mouthpiece that has been around for quite some time, and is a little different than the SnoreRX (reviewed here) in that, according to the manufacturer, it “allows you to move your mouth freely” and “Works immediately – out of the package and in your mouth”.

Interesting claims, indeed.

The ZQuiet has an interesting hinged design.

The ZQuiet has a well thought out, hinged design. See their official website here.

And these are claims we put to the test over a four week trial in December 2013. The ZQuiet, by the way, touts the fact that it offers a $10, 30 day trial, so if you don’t like it, you can at least return it. This is always a good thing, because if there’s something you should know about snoring mouthpieces, it’s that each one will work/fit/feel different than the next, so although it may work for some, it may not for others.

Another One For The Mandibular Advancement Team

If you’ve been looking into snoring mouthpieces (uh, which is probably the case if you’re reading this), you probably know that there are two basic constructions – the mandibular advancement type (the Jaw-Advancer, as we call it), and the tongue-retaining type (no crazy scientific name necessary!). The Jaw Advancers are more popular as a “type”, in that a lot more manufacturers make them. These tend to be quite similar in design (despite the Patent Pending revolutionary blah blah blah you may see written in the ads), and differ really only in fit or comfort.

The tongue retaining type, as of this writing, is basically your Good Morning Snore Solution (read our review). We’re not sure why there aren’t a million manufacturers making this type, as they tend to be more comfortable (no jaw issues to deal with – it works with suction on your tongue only), and are frankly more effective for more different types of snorers. It’s confounding, but that’s the way the industry is at this point.

At any rate, let’s get back to the ZQuiet!

Nice Comfort

The one thing that we noticed about the ZQuiet was the fact that the fit is quite comfortable (at least for those with average sized jaws). The plastic is particularly soft, and there is much more of a movement than the SnoreRX or VitalSleep, which tend to be more “locked down” mouthpieces.

Does ZQuiet Actually Work?

I know, I know. Let’s break it down, shall we? Well, the ZQuiet does work, and based on the 30 day trial we took, the amount of snoring was reduced quite measurably. It didn’t totally eliminate the snoring, like the Good Morning Snore Solution did, and did not eliminate AS MUCH of the snoring as the SnoreRX did, but it was pretty good.

In fact, it was very good.

The comfort level, once you get used to ZQuiet, is quite high, which is of course important because mouthpieces do not CURE snoring, they merely keep it from happening. This means that once you start wearing one, you may have to wear one whenever you want to ensure you don’t snore. Wearing something long term means comfort is paramount, and ZQuiet does get full marks on that note.

It Doesn’t Take Long To Train

Another bonus with the ZQuiet is that because the plastic and fit is more mobile than the SnoreRX, it takes less time to train your mouth to use than those two devices. Now, granted, the Good Morning Snore Solution is still better than ZQuiet based on its type alone, but as a Jaw Advancing mouthpiece, the ZQuiet definitely has a comfort edge.

The Small Print

Here’s where things always get dull when it comes to mouthpieces, but they are important. Like almost all snore mouth guards, the ZQuiet is of course FDA regulated. This is not something that makes ZQuiet different, but it’s a nice add.

This also brings up a great point that readers have asked us before: Why should I pay more than $50,$70 or $100 for a mouthpiece when I can get some generic one on Amazon for $15?

The answer is multi-part, of course, but FDA clearance is typically not something you’ll see with a $15 device.

And although many people may snicker when we say, “you get what you pay for”, this is a huge point. Why? Well, we’re talking about your mouth here! You’re shoving a $15 piece of plastic into your mouth that has no guarantees, may not work at all and frankly, may damage your jaw permanently! Plus, you’re going to be wearing this mouthpiece whenever you want to be assured you are not snoring. This is a long term purchase that is worth making.

This is why devices on this site feature a higher price.

The Disadvantages Of ZQuiet

Hey, nothing’s perfect, right? If there there are quibbles with ZQuiet, it definitely comes down to design. While you may like the more “free flowing” design of ZQuiet, we felt it didn’t have the same precision fit that the “boil and bite” SnoreRX and VitalSleep do. And, in our tests, snoring wasn’t reduced as much. Although the differences, to be fair, were pretty minimal over the long term.

Another key negative (and one that is the same for EVERY jaw advancing mouthpiece) is that if you have dentures, you simply cannot use ZQuiet. So if you have dentures, read our review on the Good Morning Snore Solution. You won’t find help with your snoring with the ZQuiet.

Again: this is a good product for its type. And the difference between SnoreRX and ZQuiet for most users is mainly going to be preference.

Where Can I Get ZQuiet?

Well, sorry folks. No Amazon or CVS on this one (booo!). ZQuiet are pretty serious about selling their product, and you can only buy it directly from them (their website is here).

Check out the ZQuiet official website here.

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