Why Is It Necessary To Seek Remedies For Snoring?

Remedies For SnoringIt is estimated that 45% of adults snore regularly or occasionally, while the same number know or live with a relative who snores. Snoring is not a joke, as sufferers often have to deal with awkward remarks from relatives or friends who may make fun of the condition. The worst case scenario is when snoring gets so bad that a partner has to move to a different room to be away from the snorer. This means that snoring may put a marriage at risk of a break up or worse. If you’re married, then, snoring remedies should be a very high priority for you.

Apart from snoring being a nuisance, you should also understand that longer term snoring can actually cause obstructive sleep apnea which in turn increases the chances of inevitably having to deal with a full blown heart attack. This is not an affliction to get complacent about. There are many studies that show that snoring can lead to serious and deadly health problems. So while the “interpersonal issues” you may have that are caused by snoring may seem negative, they are nothing compared to the long term health impacts.

Naturally, snoring gets even worse when one has a cold, flu or a bad cough. During such instances, it is very easy to choke while sleeping. Congestion can add to the snoring volume and robustness, but it is important to note that this is typically NOT a nasal problem. However, when it is an indication of impending chest problems, then one should find remedies for snoring before the situation gets out of hand.

Lifestyle Changes As Remedies For Snoring
Over the years, it has been discovered that snorers do tend to share some common lifestyle issues. Many snorers may have weight problems to contend with, and this only adds to the danger of obstructive apnea-derived snoring. So as a result, one of the key effective remedies for long term snorers has been to reduce weight. Obesity is a killer, but also promotes the conditions in the soft palate that can lead to this problem. Reducing alcohol intake is another way to fight snoring issues because alcohol tends to heavily relax the tissue in the soft palate which can then block the airway. Research has linked some snoring conditions to alcohol intake within three to four hours of bedtime. While avoiding alcohol altogether isn’t usually possible for people, it is obviously a key step.

Sleep Position Can Make A Major Difference

In many milder snoring cases, people snore because of their sleep position. When one sleeps on their back, the soft palate is more prone to be obstructed and this may lead to issues.  Sleeping on one’s side tends to be best the solution for this. Of course, some people are so used to sleeping on their back that making the change can be very difficult. But if your snoring problem is mild enough that simply changing positioning makes a difference, it is definitely worth practicing sleeping on your side. Again… you should note that only very mild snorers can eliminate snoring by solely changing their sleep position.

The Most Important Snoring Remedies
The anti snoring device industry has been on an innovation-rampage over the past couple of decades. As a result, there are several remedies for snoring available that allow you to deal with the issue without sacrificing your overall comfort. The first (and I would say most critical) is the mouthpiece. There are no other devices that have had such incredibly positive results for snorers than the good ol’ fashioned mouthpiece.

They come in different shapes and sizes. While some are inserted inside the mouth immediately with no need for alteration, while others must be heated with hot water before being placed into the mouth. There are two major styles: the Tongue Stabilizing mouthpiece (represented by the Good Morning Snore Solution), and the mandibular advancement mouthpiece (the ZQuiet and the SnoreRX are prime examples).

The next major device based remedy for snoring is the chin-strap. They typically claim to hold the chin in position, which ensures the jaw does not cause any obstructive apnea. They are made of different material, so you typically can make a choice when it comes to materials used in making them. Due to the seriously dubious reviews of these chin straps, we do NOT recommend them.

A final device based remedy is the anti-snore pillow. These are designed to keep the head in position while at the same time encouraging sideways sleeping, which as noted above, tends to result in less snoring. There are very mixed reviews when it comes to this particular remedy as well, and certainly the “positioning factor” leads us to conclude that they are for extremely mild snoring problems only.

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