The Best Anti Snoring Remedies

Best Anti Snoring RemediesWhen it comes to effective anti snoring remedies, there are basically two main categories: #1 is serious lifestyle changes and #2 treating the problem directly with exercise, devices, mouthpieces and other remedies.

Lifestyle Choices: The Hard Road

Unfortunately, it’s just a simple fact that being overweight makes you much more susceptible to a snoring problem caused by obstruction (also known as obstructive sleep apnea). Unfortunately, fatty tissue can build up in the soft palate area, which is exactly where the “snoring issue” occurs. Basically, excess tissue “hangs around” the airway, and your breathing suffers as a result.

Now, losing weight is never easy for anyone. And there certainly is no guarantee that losing a few pounds means you can throw your mouthpiece in the trash and enjoy a lifetime of silent, consistent, restful sleep. But, it is a starting point for many people. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, changing your lifestyle slightly to include light meals before bedtime is one of those incremental steps to changing the way you sleep. Avoiding alcohol before bed helps as well, as alcohol tends to relax the throat muscles often too much, which again causes blockage.

Most people do not know just how seriously important it is to be careful about what eat and drink before going to bed. For some snorers, before bedtime habits can be so bad that even extremely effective snoring mouthpieces like the SnoreRX and Good Morning Snore Solution ACTUALLY DO NOT WORK for them. Now, the likelihood of your habits being this bad are very low, but in the end it comes down to this: are you taking care of yourself? Are you smoking? Are you drinking quite a bit or eating crappy foods?

Remember that natural anti snoring remedies can help only if really bad habits are not the cause. But, the fact that you’re at this page already reveals that you’re ready to make a change. It will be worth it, believe me.

A Chinese Approach To Your Snoring Problem

Natural health remedies have been around forever, and certainly the Internet has allowed us to not only reveal the good ones, but also talk about the ones that do not work at all. One of the more intriguing anti snoring remedies that readers have talked about recently is acupuncture to stop snoring. Acupuncture, as you probably know, is a technique based on Chinese traditional medicine, that according to Wikipedia is: is the stimulation of specific acupuncture points along the skin of the body using thin needles.

Now, according to a few resources on the web, acupuncture can help when nasal passages are blocked, which in some cases causes snoring. It is a medical fact that people who suffer from inflammation of the nasal cavity due to allergies may snore because of this, and acupuncture has been claimed by some to be able to ease this inflammation. Meanwhile, according to acupuncture enthusiasts, “the Qi deficiency also leads to snoring, since the immune system is getting weak.” In this case, the “Qi” means a person’s “life energy”.

Er, still with me on this? Good.

Now to the reveal: while theoretically acupuncture may help you to stop snoring, even the British Acupuncture Council itself agrees that the evidence for this is “thin on the ground” [Source]. Now, when a major council that does all it can to promote the use of acupuncture for almost any ailment comes out saying “yep, doesn’t work”, it’s probably a good bet that it won’t cure your snoring.

(As a side note, even acupuncturists only promote the practice for “Sinusitis”, which basically is another word for “congested nasal passages”. The problem with this as a snoring remedy is that the majority of snoring problems are NOT nasally-based. So even if it does “unclog those passages”, the likelihood of it tackling the real cause of snoring, which is an obstructed airway around the soft palate, is virtually nil.)

If you’ve experienced results with this technique, please let us know in the comments, but as for now, we do not recommend this.

Exercises To Stop Snoring

There are many natural and some might even say unnatural remedies that can prevent and stop snoring from occurring. Some of the most effective of them may even seem odd, but do actually they improve overall sleep health. Exercising to stop snoring obviously speaks to losing weight, but also helps you to tone muscles that may contribute to a healthier sleep position. This video

When it comes to exercising to stop snoring, you may want to consider both tongue and body exercises. For the body, it is vital to do cardio-based exercises at least a couple of times a week, with high intensity interval training being an excellent choice. Many people find themselves quite skeptical that tongue exercises can actually help them, but they are definitely worth trying. These simple anti snoring exercises include:

Chin Presses: Not like bench presses at all, so no need to worry. With this exercise, you simply place one finger on your chin and press back and downwards. As you do this, you should feel the muscles in your neck get tenser. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then, relax and start the exercise again. Doing this before bed can not only strengthen those throat muscles, but also relax you for the night ahead.

Straw Sippin’: Fortunately, you don’t even need a straw for this one. Instead, purse your lips together as if you were sucking a cold beverage through a straw. Inhale. Then, flatten your lips, press them together and swallow. Then, hold the position. This exercise works better with repetition, with its key purpose being to create flexibility and in the throat muscles. Loose throat muscles do not sink ships, admittedly, but they do often cause snoring!

Pretend You’re At The Dentist: This one is something we do during a dental checkup every six months, but rarely do we consider it to be helpful; it very much is. So, open your mouth and say ahhh. Then, stick out your tongue as far as you can. Then, move your tongue left to right, up and down, slowly, and extending it as far as you can. Ensure you keep the tongue straight. Once you’ve done this, take a break, and then try again. Repeated use of this exercise will provide some results, but it does take patience.

Other Exercises

There are always interesting mouth, tongue and throat exercises out there that can help to strengthen the key muscles that can cause snoring. Some folks recommend doing chewing motions while lying in bed; others suggest pressing your tongue to the corners of the mouth and so on. While exercising, it is important to be persistent, but also important to not overextend yourself. Just like regular body exercises, don’t over repeat something that you don’t normally do. Get your throat in shape first before you start getting complicated.

Considering the fact that over 40% of people snore, it’s no wonder that so many people are trying to find an easy solution for their snoring problem. It is always better to start with natural anti snoring remedies as they can be surprisingly helpful. But, it is important to note that they almost never “work immediately”. For more immediate results, check out our snoring mouthpiece reviews using the links below:




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