SnoreRX Reviewed – Adjustable For Comfort? Nice Concept!

Precision rules with the SnoreRX - <a href=If you’ve been doing serious research on snoring and how to stop it (you probably have… people who want to stop snoring tend to be very persistent when it comes to finding solid information about how to solve this problem), you probably already know that if you’re a medium to heavy snorer, you’re probably going to need a mouthpiece like the SnoreRX in order to stop it.

No pillow, weird nose strip or plug or chin strap is gonna work for you.

Yes, it’s true. As much as I’d love to say there’s a free, easy way out of snoring, there just isn’t. If you’re overweight, you can lose weight. You can change your lifestyle, start eating better, quit smoking and drinking, and all that, but that won’t stop your snoring today. A mouthpiece will.

Currently, there are two different kinds of mouthpieces on the market – the jaw advancing, and the tongue retaining. The SnoreRX mouthpiece is one of the former, and tackles an issue that is critical, but one not every jaw advancing mouthpiece achieves – comfort.

How Is The SnoreRX Mouthpiece Different From Others?

SnoreRX, when you receive it in the mail, looks fairly similar to other snoring mouthpieces out there (like VitalSleep, ZQuiet, etc.). The mouthpiece itself is of similar construction, with one major difference: it’s adjustable to your comfort. This is something that ZQuiet, or the other “as seen on TV” mouthpiece, the Zyppah, doesn’t do. Instead, those are what I would call “one size fits all mouthpieces”. This can be OK, but it can also be bad if you’re someone that has sensitive gums, etc.

You also have to think about this: do you want something made for everyone, or something you can customize for yourself?

If you’re somebody that isn’t exactly “chomping at the bit” (see what I did there?) to sleep with something in your mouth, you’re probably going to want the latter characteristic.

Make no mistake: even though I have tried plenty of snoring mouthpieces (hence the website! Thanks for showing up 🙂 ), they’re still not something I love to “get used to”. I have to, because I snore like a wounded rhino, but if I come upon something that’s comfortable and works, let’s just say I’m ready to recommend it in a second.

The SnoreRX is definitely one of those cases.

Boil And Bubble, No Toil, No Trouble!

Can you tell I’m writing this around Hallowe’en? Anyway, the beauty of the SnoreRX is that not only is it adjustable via the “boil and bite” process (one also offered by the VitalSleep mouthpiece), but it is also adjustable on a millimeter by millimeter basis. Sorry to go all metric system on you, but essentially what it offers is the ability to carefully hone the mouthpiece to fit your comfort needs.

So try it once. Don’t like the feel? Do the boil process (as shown on their website) and re-adjust. Still feel like you need a slight nudge back or forwards? Adjust it again!

No other mouthpiece that I’ve seen lets you micro-target the exact measurement that you find the most comfortable. Some others do a “well, uh, close enough”-style (again, the VitalSleep “boil and bite” is the classic example of this), but there are no others with such exacting precision. If you’ve seen one, let me know!

Now, this kind of precision is nice, because things change. Comfort points change. And it’s nice to know that a mouthpiece that you spent some good dollars on can be altered to fit those changes.

What Competitors?

What’s quite nice about the SnoreRX website is that they post videos not only of how it works, and its advantages, but also how it compares to competitors. In essence, it really does not. This is because almost all of the other competitors are the same – either offering mouthpieces that do not adjust at all, or ones that adjust once, and then CANNOT BE ADJUSTED AGAIN! Both are obviously not all that fantastic, mainly because as I’ve said before: things change! Do you want to have to go out and buy a new mouthpiece every three months because you need a new adjustment? Uh, probably not.

So with that characteristic alone, the SnoreRX finds itself a clear winner amongst jaw advancing mouthpieces.

I’ll sum it up here:

The SnoreRX is comfortable, soft without being tearable, and most importantly, adjustable. There are other adjustable mouthpieces, but none that allow you to exactly adjust it more than once. Like all jaw advancing mouthpieces, it takes a few days to get used to, but what’s great about it is that you get used to it ON YOUR TERMS. You don’t have to adjust your mouth or jaw to the mouthpiece. Instead, you can adjust it millimeter by millimeter until it feels right. If you know of another mouthpiece that does this, let me know! I’d love to review it!

Oh. If the SnoreRX doesn’t work for you??? Well, there’s a no-muss, no-fuss 30 day money back guarantee. You gotta love it!


Currently, you can’t buy the SnoreRX mouthpiece on Amazon (crappy, I know). You can only buy it directly from their website (click here to go there).

Here’s a video by the manufacturer:

Have you had a good, or bad experience with SnoreRX? I’d love to hear about it. Please add something in the comments below!

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