SleepTight Review: A Durable, Cost Effective Choice

sleeptight-mouthpieceThe SleepTight snoring mouthpiece is a new device that was introduced in 2014. Even though it is new, that should not turn you away from the mouthpiece at all. This particular mouthpiece is a boil and bite style device that you custom fit yourself while you are at home. The mouthpiece will hold your lower jaw forward to prevent you from snoring at night (it is a classic MAD or mandibular advancement device). When the device does this, your airways will open up. From there, a snore-free night beckons.

Price of SleepTight Mouthpiece

The price of the mouthpiece is $69.90. The company offers a great deal when purchasing the SleepTight, so you can be absolutely sure if this is something that is really going to work for you. When you first order the product, you will pay $9.95. If SleepTight has not heard from you about not liking the product within 30 days, they will then bill you $59.95 that will cover the rest of the cost of the mouthpiece. If you do not like the mouthpiece, you just need to send the mouthpiece back within 30 days of receiving it and you will not be charged any more than $9.95 for shipping your mouthpiece to you. It is simple as that.

This is a great deal, of course, because MAD mouthpieces are definitely not for everyone. The SleepTight gives you a great opportunity to “take it for a test drive”, and for only $10. That demonstrates that the manufacturer is very confident about their product, and that is for some pretty good reasons.

Benefits of SleepTight Snoring Mouthpiece

There are many things that you are going to like about the SleepTight mouthpiece. Some of the more popular reasons to choose SleepTight include:

  • Very easy to fit and use
  • It will treat your snoring AND sleep apnea issues
  • Is FDA cleared to be effective and safe to use on a daily basis
  • The mouthpiece was designed by a dentist

How Mouthpiece Will Work

When you use the SleepTight snoring mouthpiece, the device will hold your jaw forward when you are sleeping at night. When your jaw is held forward in this way, your airways will open up in your throat, which will keep you from snoring. A constricted airway caused by soft palate tissue is what causes most people to snore.

What SleepTight Snoring Mouthpiece Consists Of

When you purchase the SleepTight snoring mouthpiece, you will get everything you need to get started. The package consists of the following:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Storage case
  • Airway fitting plug
  • Directions to help you custom fit your mouthpiece

How Fast SleepTight Works

Once you start using the device, most people will notice that they will stop snoring the first night that they start using it (of course this will vary from person to person). Even if you are still snoring, you should notice that your snoring problem is being reduced. You do need to give the mouthpiece some time before you decide if it is not going to work for you, though. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has fully evaluated the SleepTight mouthpiece. The FDA has cleared the SleepTight mouthpiece for its safety and effectiveness, which is a very big step for any of these mouthpieces.

This is why we rarely recommend the “Amazon $10 specials”, while we do recommend SleepTight (not on Amazon, sadly). They rarely have the clearance needed, and the quality shows.

SleepTight Snoring Mouthpiece Is Not For Everyone

Of course, the SleepTight snoring mouthpiece is not to be used by everyone (neither are MAD devices, of course). If you have the following medical problems, you should NOT use the device:

  • Asthma
  • Central sleep apnea
  • Severe respiratory disorders

If you have any loose teeth, advanced periodontal disease, TMJ (jaw joint pain) or any other dental problems, you should consult your dentist before using this mouthpiece. If you have a full denture on either of your jaws, you are not able to use the device and it will not work. If you have partial dentures, you may be able to safely wear the device and it may work for you. Again, the trial period will help you suss out whether this is something that works for you, or if you should consider a Tongue Stabilizing Device like the Good Morning Snore Solution (review here).

If you have any other concerns about using the mouthpiece, it is always best to consult with your physician before using the device, but this is a device that is safe and effective to use; except for the people listed above.

How Long Will The SleepTight Device Last?

The SleepTight snoring mouthpiece will last anywhere between six months to two years. The amount of time will vary from person to person. The longevity of the mouthpiece will depend upon things such as the amount that you grind your teeth, or if you clench them when you sleep at night. How long this device will last can also vary depending upon how well you clean and maintain your mouthpiece, which is why it is very important to take care of the SleepTight. Like anything in life, it will last longer if you take good care of it.

You should be able to refit your mouthpiece four to five times during its lifespan. When you reach your limit of being able to refit the device, it will become stiff and less pliable, and it will be obvious that it is time to replace it.

Custom Fitting

One of the top benefits of the SleepTight mouthpiece is how you can custom fit it for your mouth. The fitting process is very simple. You just need to heat the mouthpiece up by placing it in hot water (near boiling is best), place it in your mouth and it will form an impression to your mouth and teeth. For most people, the process will take about five minutes. Naturally, complete instructions are included.

Taking Care of Your Mouthpiece

As we noted above, it is very important to properly take care of your SleepTight snoring mouthpiece. The better care it gets, the longer it is going to last. To clean the device, you just need to simply use a soft toothbrush along with some liquid soap to remove any debris it may have on it. You DO NOT want to use any type of toothpaste on the mouthpiece because it will be harsh for it. If you like, you can soak it in denture cleaner to help with any staining that may get on it. The denture cleaner can also help with keeping it fresh. Once the mouthpiece is dry, you should store it in the storage case.

The SleepTight works well for a standard MAD mouthpiece.

The SleepTight works well for a standard MAD mouthpiece. Click here for the official website.


Mouth-Breathers Ahoy!

One of the most interesting things about the SleepTight mouthpiece is the large breathing hole located at its front. This is a particularly important feature for people who, when sleeping, tend to breathe through their mouths exclusively. This is a minority of people, of course, but they are out there (and you know who you are 😉 ). Other MAD devices such as the SnoreRX do feature these breathing holes, but not all. TSD devices, unfortunately, do not have this feature, as “suction” is part of what makes them work.


The SleepTight snoring mouthpiece really does work in getting rid of snoring. The SleepTight device works better than other devices out there because it will fit tighter in your mouth and thus better manages your air flow. This is a mouthguard that you will have to get used to but it really does work.

Most people have found the device works within the first week they start using it. Another great feature of the device is how you can custom fit the device specifically to mold to your mouth and teeth. The mouthpiece is easy to use, performs well, and is comfortable to wear; you cannot expect anything more than what this device will do. The only downside to this device is that it may take you a couple of days of getting use to wearing it.

Click here to visit the SleepTight website.

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