Devices That Many Consider: A Brez Review

A Brez ReviewIt is important to understand just exactly what the limitations are of the Brez product if you have any kind of notion that you can stop your snoring using this device. It is critical to remember that this is a primarily a nasal aid for breathing and this is the first thing you are likely to learn when researching the qualities of the product.

Be sure to know just exactly how it is worn by a person looking to have a snore-free night. The product does have a few different sizes, which only makes sense considering everybody has a different sized nose (and nostrils, of course) This nasal product comes in three sizes, and one is probably going to work with you.

Make no mistake, though. The Brez is a very different product than your average nasal strip. One common disadvantage to using a nasal strip has to be the discomfort of wearing it on the nose. With the Brez breathing aid, on the other hand, some people with breathing problems have been able to wear it even during the day because it is more of an “internal solution”(although it isn’t for heading out in public, of course. Not attractive, my friends… just not attractive).

Make no mistake, however, in the context of stopping snoring, this product is one that really is not going to be effective for everybody. This is mainly because the majority of snorers do not generate the snoring noise “in the nose”, but actually from the soft palate at the back of the throat. So even though it may sound like snoring is a nasal issue, it usually is not. This is a huge fact you need to remember.

Brez: Really A Breathing Aid, As Opposed To A Snoring Aid

We write about the issues with snoring on your everyday life throughout the website. It goes without saying that it is a huge problem not only for your sleep, but in your conscious life. Looking for a solution to snoring is a great idea, both on a short and on a long-term basis.

But unfortunately, many snorers look to “uncommon” devices like the Brez because 1) they don’t like the idea of wearing a snoring mouthpiece, and 2) because they feel like spending as little money as possible in order to solve a major problem in their life.

So yes, the Brez is a safe device. According to a wide variety of resources online, this is a great breathing aid for people that have deviated septum issues or problems with their nasal cavities. It does help you breathe. And the manufacturers have chosen to market this device based on the idea of stopping snoring, but the simple fact is that for most snorers, this product is simply not the right one.

Is the Brez more comfortable than wearing a snoring mouthpiece? Of course it is. This device does expand your nostrils, which of course will naturally lead to a better flow of air. The issue remains, however, that obstructive apnea (or basic snoring) is almost always a throat/soft palate tissue problem. Why would you put a bandaid on your forehead when you have a broken leg? The same idea basically works with the Brez and snoring.

Avoid Shortcuts With Snoring Devices

Snoring is a problem that carries with it a lot of discomfort. It is therefore crucial that once you truly understand the cause of your snoring, you go about stopping it altogether. The good news is that there are a number of anti-snoring devices available for you on the market which you can choose from. A key point you need to understand is that although there are hundreds of devices out there that are supposed to help you stop snoring, it is best to keep it simple.

Point blank: Snoring mouthpieces just work. There is no second guessing thousands of satisfied users.

Are they the easiest things to wear for someone that isn’t used to them? Well, this depends on your sensitivity. A lot of people have sensitive gums and teeth, which means a Mandibular Advancement Device (or jaw advancing mouthpiece like the SnoreRX or Zyppah) is probably out. In that case, the Good Morning Snore Solution is right for you.

But are you going to get real results by stuffing things up your nose? No. You are not. Are you going to solve a major breathing problem by putting a spandex band around your chin (snoring chin straps in general)? Again, the odds are against you.

Look, making the decision of which anti snoring product to buy can be really difficult. And, the lack of unbiased information has made a number of people choose the wrong snoring devices. The horrible thing about this, of course, is that this often leads to a “once bitten…” type of reaction, which makes people very hesitant to trust other products. This is also a bad thing for a snorer, as longer term snoring can be a killer. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Making the choice to attack your snoring head on is a huge decision that is going to be beneficial to your long term health, believe me. But understand that this does take work. Fortunately, we are in an age where mouthpieces have never been more comfortable. Never have they been more durable or effective. Choosing one is really your best choice. Keep it simple, and you’ll be a lot happier.





Have you used the Brez Product before with successful results? Let us know in the comments below!

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