Good Morning Snore Solution Review – A Different Approach

snoring-diagramBasically, if you’re talking mouthpieces, you’re talking about two different kinds: the jaw advancing type, and the tongue retaining type.

Now, if you’re looking for the former specifically, and you’re trying to pinpoint one in particular, you’re going to be doing a lot of shopping. Why? This is because jaw advancing snoring mouthpieces have been around since practically the dawn of time (since anti-snoring devices have been around, anyway 🙂 ). Now, I wouldn’t recommend a vintage one (which is probably made of wood!), because as with anything, the designs tend to get better with time. So, for example, the SnoreRX (review here) is an obvious and major upgrade on say, this piece of junk from Amazon, the latter of which was probably designed in the 1970s.

But enough about the jaw advancing mouthpiece. The Good Morning Snore Solution, frankly, is not that. Instead, the GMSS is a new kind of mouthpiece which instead uses suction and holds the tongue in place to prevent snoring. This is a relatively new development in the world of anti snoring devices, and there still seems to be no competitors when it comes to this type of mouthpiece. At least, none that I’ve come across.

Why Tongue Retainers Are Better

The issue many people have with jaw advancing snore mouthpieces is pain. The “universal fit” jaw advancers can work for some people, and be absolutely horrible for others. In fact, those that are not adjustable can cause a TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders), which is basically doctor-speak for jaw joint problems. You don’t have to be a physician to realize that you really, really don’t want a TMD. These are painful, horrible things to have, and I can tell you that given the choice between a TMD and snoring like a hippopotamus, I’d take the latter seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

So what does this have to do with Tongue Retaining mouthpieces like the Good Morning Snore Solution? Well, for one, they leave the jaw in its natural position, free to move throughout the night without any issues. GMSS instead concentrates on holding the tongue in place, which for most people, is a key reason for snoring. This is because snoring is essentially the sound of the tissues at the back of the throat vibrating.

A Bit About The Snoring Process

When you relax, your throat relaxes, as does the tissue of the soft palate and tonsils. The tongue also relaxes, pushing back towards the opening in your throat. The result is that the passage through which air can flow through shrinks. The smaller that passage is, the more likely you’re going to snore. (See the diagram here)

But, by keeping the tongue in a position that ensures it cannot block the airway, snoring is eliminated – with almost no exceptions.

Meanwhile, there is no teeth pain, no jaw problems and zero discomfort. The GMSS uses basic suction to hold the tongue in place. Simply put, it just works.

After trying more than a handful of mouthpieces for this site, the GMSS remains the best of its class. I like it better than jaw advancing types, frankly, and after a few days the comfort level is pretty astounding, especially when you compare it to the jaw advancing types.

The Price

Well, there are disadvantages with buying a product that has virtually zero competitors in the field – basically, the price ends up being higher. Which it is, although as of this article, the price has come down quite a bit! I actually purchased my original GMSS for $129, but now you can get it on their website for $99.

So, uh, what I’m saying is that I paid a ton more for it. And, uh, also that you can get the Family Pack (two GMSS’s; perfect for the snoring couple with everything 😉 ) for $129 – the same price I paid for one!

Of course, the GMSS is not available on Amazon (too bad!), and must be ordered directly from the company’s website (click here). The bonus with the snoring mouthpiece industry is nearly EVERY company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Good Morning Snore Solution is one of those companies.

So, To Sum Up

Looks like a soother, works like a champ. (Click For Company Website).

Looks like a soother, works like a champ. (Click For Company Website).

I really look forward to the day when there are more tongue retaining mouthpieces on the market. Because right now, it’s only the Good Morning Snore Solution. But to be frank, this is such a huge step up from jaw advancing snoring mouthpieces that it simply doesn’t matter much.

In fact, even the SnoreRX, which is easily the best jaw advancing mouthpiece because of its adjustability alone, is still not as good as GMSS. This is simply because instead of having your jaw locked in one place, you’re instead dealing with a soft suction that keeps your tongue from blocking the airway. The tongue, as we know, is soft tissue. The jaw, hard. Plus, with the jaw there are all those other things that can get irritated – I’m talking gums, teeth, jaw bone, face muscles.

So, while GMSS works as well or better than most jaw advancing mouthpieces, it does have two clear advantages – comfort and safety. Two characteristics which are huge! Especially if you have to use one of these devices long term (like I do!).

Take a look at the Good Morning Snore Solution here.

Have you tried the GMSS? What did you think? Or, have you tried another tongue retaining mouthpiece? Let me know in the comments!


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