Examples Of Stop Snoring Devices

Stop Snoring DevicesSince snoring interferes with adequate sleep, scientists are working round the clock to find various remedies to this problem. Here are some stop snoring devices that are currently on the market; the Good Morning Snore Solution is a stop snoring device that keeps the tongue forward, preventing it from lapsing back to the rear end of the throat.

The next device that we talk about on this site is the ZQuiet. It treats the problem of snoring by holding the lower jaw slightly forward, thereby widening the opening of the throat to prevent the soft tissue and the tongue from blocking the air passage. This is a classic example of the mandibular advancement type of mouthpiece, which is of course the most popular style.

Other stop snoring devices include the SnoreRX which allows the user to adjust it until they achieve a comfortable position for their jaw. The VitalSleep is another stop snoring device which is heated in hot water before being placed inside the mouth. This is called the “boil and bite” process as it allows for custom sizing depending on your mouth and teeth configuration.

The Zyppah snoring mouthpiece, meanwhile is one of the several devices which has a band in the back that holds the tongue to its favorable position. This prevents gagging while one sleeps. This mouthpiece is somewhat of a hybrid design, as it tries to accomplish the benefits of both types of mouthpiece in one package.

Advantages Of Stop Snoring Devices
For snorers, the trauma associated with snoring is often so much for them that they tend to go to great lengths to stop the problem for good. While others are successful in getting rid of the noise that accompanies snoring after certain therapies or surgeries (the neck is a popular target), others are not so lucky and have to resort to using stop snoring devices for the rest of their lives. However, the good news is that even if the problem persists, sleep can still be enjoyable as these devices are certainly better and more comfortable than they have ever been. So, if one does not work, there is always the option of trying another one.

Since science strives to market new inventions as well as improve old ones, stop snoring devices now come in different shapes to suit each user. The mouthpieces come in different sizes and shapes, certainly depending on the manufacturer. This ensures that each snorer can find the one that best fits into their mouth. And, with the advent of the “boil and bite” sizing technique (a process first created by sports mouthpiece makers), sizing is almost never an issue.

As for prices, any high quality anti snoring device is usually very affordable. Certainly, when compared with treatment at a sleep clinic or actual surgery, any device is amazingly cheap! And, the devices are generally tested clinically before they go on sale, which is critical as these are considered Class II Medical Devices by the FDA. This mean that they must go through at least some measure of testing before they go to market.

Points To Consider When Buying Any Kind Of Snoring Device
Sleep always has to be fulfilling to be beneficial. For this to happen, one has to be comfortable while sleeping. A good stop snoring device must offer comfort to its user. This only makes sense, as many of us understand how difficult it can be to attempt to go to sleep when feeling “on edge”. Since some people have been known to choke when using certain anti-snoring devices, one must be careful about choosing one that works well for them. Our basic advice would be this: if it takes more than a week to adjust to a particular device, it means it is probably not the right one for you and it would be prudent to try another.

Now, typically we are talking about mouthpieces here, as they tend to have the highest percentage effectiveness. Although there are anecdotal stories about people using nasal strips or chin straps to stop snoring, those do tend to be somewhat rare. Always keep a “buyer beware” attitude when it comes to these things, and you’ll probably do fine.

It is easy to acquire stop snoring devices as they are easily available over the counter either directly from the vendor or in some rare cases, on Amazon.

Remember that it is important to have a device that has been tested and proven to be fit for use. This is necessary especially for people who react negatively to some materials and plastics. At the same time, choose a device which you can afford. There does tend to be a “you get what you pay-for”-level of value with these devices, but there is never a need to break the bank. As an example, for years people assumed that oral snoring devices had to be prescribed by a dentist. Those devices, meanwhile, tended to run upwards of $1000-2000 for something that in many cases would only last a couple of years.

Times have changed, fortunately, and now there is rarely, if ever, a need to have a dentist-fitted snoring device. Don’t believe the hype!

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