Buy The Best Stop Snoring Devices (Or Don’t Buy At All!)

btbsdIf snoring is your major problem then read on because this is going to help. Not only is this a problem that affects your relationships, it is also one that affects your long term health. Fighting snoring is simple, but it’s going to cost you money. This article will hopefully help you to be effective and avoid the rip offs that are out there in “snoring cure” land.

Are you facing a problem where your family is constantly complaining about the noises you’re making? Snoring issues can be very bad. They can make your life hell. This is why there are always new ideas out there for snoring devices. Because as of yet, there is really no way to cure snoring without major surgery or a device. If someone tries to sell you a “book” (Amazon Kindle is particularly awful for this) that will give you the “secret” to stopping snoring, get ready to ask for a refund… it isn’t coming. Devices are the way to go.

They’re Not All Going To Work

What you should know is that not all stop snoring devices on the market actually work. This is why if you go do a search at Amazon for “stop snoring devices”, you’re going to see a heck of a lot of two star reviews. The Chin Strap is one such device that for every one person who “loves it, it really helps me sleep peacefully”, there are five others that say, “uh, I paid this much for a piece of useless Spandex?” Now, the key reason why this particular device doesn’t work is because usually, and by that I mean nine times out of ten, your jaw is simply too strong to be held in place by a piece of spandex.

Secondly, and this is an important one, most chin straps are constructed to move your jaw backwards! Now, this is a major issue because nine out of ten snoring mouthpieces are constructed to “advance” your jaw. The fact is, by pulling your jaw backwards, if you’re like most snorers, you may actually increase the amount of snoring you are doing. Does this make sense?

Anyway, the great thing about the web is that if a device really doesn’t work, there are always going to be places where you can complain about it. The “My Snoring Solution” is one such blatantly expensive and unbelievably useless chin strap device that has ripped off quite a few people out there. Read some complaints about it here!

What Are Stop Snoring Devices, and Do Nasal Ones Work?

Stop snoring devices are gadgets designed to help those who have a snoring problem and trying to control or, if the device is right, eliminate snoring issues. We’ve already spoken about the chin strap above, and another somewhat suspect snoring device is pretty much anything to do with a “nasal solution”. By this I mean that anything that goes on your nose. There are weird cups that go in your nostrils to open them up. There are bands that go over the bridge of your nose that claim to “open up the nostrils”. Heck, there are also nasal sprays that offer decongestion solutions. Now, here’s something that you should know about all of these devices:

If you are looking to stop snoring, look elsewhere. Ok. Now don’t get me wrong. Nasal devices do work for a lot of people for breathing. The fact is, a lot of people have problems with deviated septums, small nostrils and other issues that make breathing through their nose very difficult. These devices ARE made for them.

But are they meant to stop snoring? Usually, and by that I mean the wide majority of cases, no. This is because snoring is not a nasal condition. Does it sound exactly like it is coming from your nose? Yes, often it does. But it’s a simple fact that snoring is an issue that comes from your throat. It usually results from a blockage of your soft palate, and not your nose. So remember this when you see a “real cheap nasal device”. It’s real cheap, but also really not going to help you with your snoring problem.


Alright, so we do talk about pillows already on this site at this page: That is a far more in depth article, so I’ll summarize. Basically, for nine out of ten snorers, the snoring pillow is simply not going to work. Sorry, but it just won’t. This is a no pain, no gain type of device, and even if it does work by positioning your head in an upright position, you’re still going to move in the night. And once you move, your soft palate is going to be blocked again, and snoring will commence.

(Now don’t get me wrong… Some extremely mild snorers can actually find results with these pillows. They can work, but only if the blockage is very small and your snoring is quite light. If you’re not in this category, you’re going to have to work a little harder.)

Let’s Talk Mouthpieces

Smart snorers that are actually looking to tackle their problem head-on use  stop snoring mouthguards. The main type, which is by far the most common in the industry, is called a MAD, or mandibular advancement device. These work by pushing the lower jaw forward  – an action that creates space in your airway, which allows better airflow. These devices resemble the other gadgets that athletes use to guard their teeth while playing sports but they are designed for a different purpose.

And most importantly? They work. Here are some of our reviews of the MAD-type of mouthpiece:




The second category, and the one that tends to work for most people, is of course the Tongue Stabilizing Device (or TSD, if you like). The key member of this product family is the Good Morning Snore Solution. This offers a different way of going at the snoring problem, but it tends to be more effective and more popular, mainly because it is more like a soother than an actual bite-down mouthpiece. The MAD devices tend to bother people who have sensitive gums and simply cannot be used by people that have dentures or retainers. The “TSD”, on the other hand, because it doesn’t hold your jaw, can.

The Pros Of Stop Snoring Devices

When you snore, you are much more susceptible to risks associated with heart conditions and it is therefore imperative that you use some kind of device to help you control the condition. Let’s face it, no one wants to end up being a victim of heart attack or possibly even die as a result of having your arteries harden because you’re not breathing right at night.

Stop snoring devices in general do promote good breathing habits for the majority of people who use them. A good stop snoring device also saves you the embarrassment of being a menace to people you share a room with. Unlike over the counter medicine that might come with adverse side effects like nausea, almost all stop snoring devices have been tested and verified to be safe and effective. The mouthpieces work best, but overall, remember that something is better than nothing.

Your snoring is not going to cure itself, friends!

(Know of a device that works wonders? Did we miss a category? Leave a comment below and help your fellow snorers!)

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